About Alpaka


A valuable useful animal from the South American high Andes

Alpacas are an  domesticated kind of camel which differ in two types, the Huacaya with a very finely rippled wool fiber and the Suri with smooth and lured wool. Already the Inca appreciate the precious wool of these good-natured animals and pertain today again as a traditional economically useful animal of the shepherds and knitters. In large herds they are breed and embody thus their own branch of industry _an important economic factor of the Peruvian Andes highland.

Very cute alpaca
Herd of alpacas
Unwashed Suri Alpaca Locks

Excellent characteristics of the Alpaca wool

Why is the Alpaca wool so valuable?

Due to the extreme climatic conditions, temperatures during the day from +20° Celsius and at night down to -25°, into the Andes . In order to borne these strong variations in temperature Alpacas got a special warm and resistant coat.

The wool fiber is  hollow and exhibits unique thermal characteristics. In the winter by keeping the body heat and provides in summer the fiber conduces the heat regulation by conducting the body heat. With sweat and humidity the hollow fiber in the same principle reacts. Due to the extraordinary low wool fat and additionally containing protein compounds in the hollow fiber the material is very dirt-repellant and smell neutralizing.

Further advantages are:

  • More durable than sheep wool
  • Less prone for felting
  • Antistatic characteristic
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Desirable due to the natural wool gloss
  • Appropriate for Allergy sufferer


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