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    Sweater Melanie


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    Baby Alpaca Sweater

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    Knit sweater in 100% baby alpaca wool.

    Fit: Close to the body.

    Round neckline.

    Production: Made in Peru.

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    100% Baby Alpaka



    Care instructions

    Care instructions:

    • Cleaning in the washing machine:
      The garment can be hand washed at 30° in the wool washing cycle when dirty or after frequent wear.
    • Cleaning by hand:
      For light soiling or to freshen up.
      Sway back and forth in warm water (30°) with wool detergent or baby shampoo until the dirt has dissolved. Do not wring or rub.
      Rinse with fresh water of the same temperature.
    • Professional cleaning:
      For special soiling or stubborn stains, it is recommended to have the garment professionally cleaned.
    • Dry:
      The garment should not be tumble-dried or hanged. Place it on a surface to dry. Heat drying and direct sunlight should be avoided.
    • Ironing:
      Lightly steam with a damp cloth or moderately hot iron.

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